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Manitoba Hereford News

Manitoba Hereford Connection (March 2017)

Posted March 13, 2017

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Commercial Breeder of the Year 2016

Posted January 16, 2017

Bernard & Ruth Dueck (Austin, MB)

Bernard and Ruth Dueck live north west of Austin, Manitoba, in the Firdale district, on PTH # 352. This is what their farm name, Firdale Polled Herefords, was based on.

Bernie started farming with his parents when he left school, and purchased his own quarter section shortly thereafter. His parents had around 50 cows, of Hereford influence, since they had been using Hereford bulls for a number of years.

Bernie began to buy Hereford females for his own herd, since he was impressed with the positive maternal strenghths of the breed. When Hereford bulls were purchased, emphasis was always placed on the maternal side of their pedigree, to improve the quality of retained females.

Bernie and Ruth were married in July of 1982. James was born in 86, Colton in 88, and Morgan in 90. It was a true family farm, with all of the children involved in the day to day farm chores. All 3 of them enjoyed working with cattle, and were members of the Sidney 4H Beef Club for many years. They showed Hereford influence cattle, and that created the basis for the cows they still own in the herd. James works in Austin for Lewis and Sons, but farms with his parents as well, and has a good start on his own herd. Colton lives in Portage, and works for the City of Portage in the IT department. Morgan is married to Allan Voisin, who is in the military at Shilo. They have a 9 month old daughter, Emily. Morgan will be returning to her job as an LPN in Gladstone soon. All of them still do their best to participate in the important 'cattle days' on the farm, whether at home or at the neighbours who work together with the family during cattle processing.

Ruth had worked for the Austin Credit Union for about 1 year when they were married, and is still employed there, at the MacGregor Branch. Bernie has been a school bus driver for the Pine Creek School Division for the past 18 years. The majority of the 120 to 130 cow herd has always been Hereford,with the balance being Hereford influence. Charolais bulls were used on a portion of the herd since the mid 90's to 2010. Black Angus bulls were used since then. Half of the cow herd has always been bred Hereford.

The majority of the cross bred calves are sold, along with the Hereford steer calves. Most of the replacement heifers that are retained are Hereford. Herefords have always proven to be an ideal cross with most breeds.

Like most other cattle producers, BSE created a major dip in the cash flow. It encouraged a closer look at the expense side of the equation, and led to examining other possibilities to reduce costs. Planned grazing through fenced paddocks for the home herd has doubled carrying capacity over time. The Dueck's herd has been corn grazing from December to March for almost 10 years now. Bale grazing is also part of the rotation, as well as foraging crop residue after combining, and grazing second cut on some hay stands. Stockpiled grass paddocks, providing fresh ground and shelter, are utilized for new cow caff pairs by the beginning of April. They are fed, but can also begin grazing, as the weather permits. The cows have adapted well to what is mostly a year round grazing system.

Bernie and Ruth have raised 3 children on the farm while working off farm, raising cattle, and doing some grain farming. The size of the herd has increased somewhat in the last number of years. They still enjoy the time spent with 'the girls', be it calving in the spring, or going pasture checking during the grazing season. Moving fences every couple of days, in winter time corn grazing, is as close to a good exercise program as Bernie and James get, if nothing else ..

MHA Stewardship of the Year 2017

Posted January 16, 2017

Brad Dabeau

Brad DabeauBrad Dabeau grew up on a family ranch at Medicine Hat Alberta. He has an older brother who runs a cow calf operation on the family farm and a sister who resides in Edmonton. Brad and his brother divided the ranch in 2008 with Brad running a grassier feeder operation in the summer months. Under the UBarU Land and Holding limited, he buys 500-600 pound calves in the fall and has them custom fed in a neighbouring feedlot to 780 to 800 pounds. He then moves them to his home ranch and sells them in the fall as short-keep steers weighing 1050 pounds. These calves are all Hereford or Hereford influence calves and the last few years have been straight bred Hereford calves.

Brad worked for Alberta Hereford Association from 1999 to 2002 and then the Canadian Hereford Association from 2009 to 2016. He travelled extensively throughout Canada attending Hereford sales, field days, and promoting Hereford cattle. Brad enjoyed travelling throughout Canada and learning about the different management strategies required to raise cattle under various environmental conditions. Brad has made many friends across the country and has enjoyed his time with the CHA. His excitement and enthusiasm for Hereford cattle has been much appreciated.

With his new position with Alberta Beef in marketing and education, he is in charge of marketing beef to consumers and providing education in schools. Under the Classroom Agricultural Program, Brad attends grade 4 classes informing students on beef production. They also have a beef in the classroom program for grade 8-12 Home Economics classes, where he provides education on the handling and care of beef.

Brad was honoured and very appreciative of this award. He regrets not being able to be here to receive this award and thanks MHA Board of Directors for this nomination. We wish Brad well in his future endeavours!

IMAGE: Steven Scott accepting award (from Doug Troop) on behalf of Brad Dabeau

MHA Stewardship of the Year 2016

Posted January 16, 2017

Connie Gleich

Connie GleichConnie Gleich and her late husband Ben established their farm in Eriksdale, MB. Hereford cattle have always been their cattle of choice. In 1994 they purchased their first registered females. Today, Connie farms with her son David and his family under the name Gleich Herefords and Connie’s son Jim also runs a purebred Hereford operation with his family under the name JJBD Herefords. It’s fair to say the Gleich’s are a big part of Herefords in the Interlake today.

The Interlake is widely known, as cattle country, and a large portion of the cattle in the Interlake are Hereford influenced.  A lot of the Hereford bulls being used in the Interlake have come from the Lundar Bull Sale, and when someone thinks of the Lundar Bull Sale, it’s Connie Gleich that most people think of. Not only has Gleich Herefords been selling bulls at the Lundar Bull Sale since 2000, Connie has also been the Secretary of the sale board for the past 22 years.

Connie and Gleich Herefords are the proud sponsors of the banner for the Champion Hereford Heifer at the Lundar Bull Sale. Connie is also very actively involved with the Lundar Fair, especially with the Jr. Hereford classes where she not only watched her two sons growing up showing their Herefords, she now also proudly watches her grandkids following in their Father’s footsteps.

Connie Gleich loves Hereford cattle and Connie is a wonderful ambassador for Herefords in Manitoba.

IMAGE: Connie Gleich accepting award (from Steven Manns and Jim Beachell)

MHA 2016 Field Day

Posted January 16, 2017

August 20, 2016 | Wawanesa, MB

The MHA 2016 Field Day was hosted by Chokecherry Lane Polled Herefords.

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Posted August 31, 2015

August 15, 2015 | St. Ambroise, MB (Delta Wild Wings Lodge)

The MHA 2015 Field Day was hosted by Winchester Cattle Company and Fossay Herefords.

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Commercial Breeder of the Year 2015

Posted February 1, 2015

Doug & Marlene Lyon (Roblin, MB)

Doug and Marlene Lyon live south of Roblin, MB along highway 83. They were married in the fall of “73 and purchased 15 cows along with the farm from Doug’s Mother. Thus began their love affair with cattle.

Like all prospective farmers Doug worked off the farm for a period of time in Roblin as a mechanic to help make ends meet. Both he and Marlene also drove bus for a number of years as the kids were growing up. But it wasn’t until ’96 and a certain neighbour (Roy Craig—whom Marlene said was a great ambassador for the breed) convinced them that they needed more cows and that the Herefords would fill their needs. It took Roy a couple of years but he did manage to sell them some bred heifers and as they say the rest is history. Doug and Marlene bought their first purebred Hereford bull in “97 at the Sale of Distinction in Whitewood. Along with the bull they again purchased more females from Roy and the herd building began. As Roy wanted to retire Doug and Marlene also leased the remaining cows from Roy.

Being forward thinking the Lyons were watching the beef trends and in the late 90’s decided to crossbreed their Hereford cows and produce some F1 females. Because of the popularity of the Black Angus at that time it was a natural decision to use a black bull. The ensuing black and black baldies provided them with another marketing tool—bred heifers and replacement heifers. Like everyone else BSE caused a ripple in the plans so the herd expanded just cause they didn’t want to sell those good cross females.

At this time Doug and Marlene maintain a base of Hereford females to produce replacements. They continue to market the F1 females through either private treaty or production sales. The cows have remained a constant on the farm. Doug and Marlene have raised their 4 Children on the farm while working off the farm, raising cattle and grain farming. Although the numbers of cattle grew after the kids left, Marlene said that it was a good thing because the kids would have been neglected for the cows had they had the cows before.

Doug and Marlene take enormous pride in their herd and are always willing to show off their herd. You can hear the pride in their voice when they are talking about their “girls”. Like many of us having cows is an addiction and I know they will enjoy them for many more years to come. Join me in congratulating Doug and Marlene on a job well done.

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Ambassador Award 2015

Posted February 1, 2015

Dan Gullett (Wawanesa, MB)

The Board of Directors of the Manitoba Hereford Association is pleased to nominate Dan Gullett for the 2015 Ambassador Award. This award is presented to an individual who has been a long time promoter of Hereford cattle. We believe Dan is a very deserving recipient of this award.

Dan started his involvement with Hereford cattle by purchasing the high selling heifer from the Good As Gold Sale 24 years ago. This heifer was purchased from George Rankin. This started a long-term lease arrangement between Dan and George on cattle. Dan now boards his cattle with George’s daughter Shelly Nichol and granddaughter Angie Nichol. For the winter months, the cattle are boarded with Shelly and Angie and return to Dan’s pastures in the summer. Dan has leased cattle from Roselawn Polled Herefords, Square D Herefords, and Jeremy Charleton.

Dan was a Manitoba Hereford Association delegate to the Canadian Hereford Association for 6 years. He was an MHA Board member for many years and worked on many committees and held the position of Secretary Treasurer. He rarely misses a sale, field day, or tour in southeast Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Dan has attended Agribition, Denver Stock Show, and Manitoba Livestock Expo on many occasions.

Dan promotes and markets his cattle through the Good As Gold Sale and the Blair Athol, Haroldson’s, and Friends Sale and Private Treaty. He had one of the popular bull calves in the Good as Gold Sale in 2013, selling him to A&M Ranching and Batho Farms. Dan has embraced technology by using AI and recently starting an embryo program. He is a long time member of the THE program which results in ongoing performance testing of his cattle. Dan recently purchased a new trailer and we hope this means he will continue promoting Hereford cattle for many years to come.

The Board of Directors is hereby honored to present Dan Gullett with the Hereford Association Ambassador Award for 2015. Congratulations Dan!


MHA 2014 Field Day

Posted September 23, 2014

Aug 16, 2014 | Strathclaire, MB (Twin-View Polled Herefords)

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Commercial Breeder of the Year 2014

Posted February 16, 2014

Bar K Herefords (Warren, MB)

According to Marvin King, there is nothing better than an old John Deere tractor and Hereford cattle.
Marvin and his wife Eileen along with their son Lawrence operate Bar K Herefords just a few miles North West of Warren, MB. For the past 58 years their farm has been nothing but Herefords. Today they run 400 straight Hereford cows on 13 quarters of land, plus they also pasture cattle at the Woodlands Community Pasture.

The King’s start calving early January, however the bulk of their herd calves in March. This is done to ease some of the calving pressure on Marvin and Lawrence. All the calves are retained over the winter where they are then pastured on grass and sold in the fall as yearlings. They feel they get the best returns doing this. They prefer to market their cattle straight off the farm but sometimes market through Winnipeg Livestock Sales and Ashern Auction Mart. They purchased a large platform scale many years ago making selling directly off the farm possible.

It’s not uncommon that the King’s will have 25+ bulls on the farm. Marvin says “you can never have too many bulls around”. Their preference is to purchase bulls as calves where they can be seen alongside their wet mothers, but they also will buy yearling bulls. For them, they want the bulls to be long, wide, deep and extremely docile. Having docile cattle is very important to the King’s. It is after all what got Marvin’s grandfather into Herefords way back in 1902.
Growing up, Marvin and his father Ben used to sell cream off the farm. They used to run Angus cattle but found they’d stop milking after 3 months, so they went into Shorthorns but after a bad experience with a Shorthorn bull, someone told them to try Herefords. It’s been Herefords ever since.

Marvin remembers the family buying bulls out of Oak Point from Einar Johnson in 1934. In 1939 their first Polled Hereford bull named POLLED BIRCH ISLAND BUCKLE was purchased from the one time Premier of Manitoba, Honourable John Brakin. Marvin today still has the original registration papers for him.

Today only polled bulls are purchased. Lawrence says Klondike Farms really opened their eyes on how Herefords should look. Through the years, they’ve purchased many bulls from places and people like the Crawfords, Thornton’s, George Rankin, Joe Lamb, Square-D Polled Herefords, WTK and WLB.

Marvin was heavily involved with many boards and their church. He was a Marquette Coop board member for 43 years. He has been on the Sheep Producers Association, local hall board and fair board. Marvin was both a member and leader of the 4H program in Warren, MB as well. Marvin and Lawrence are strong supporters of the MCPA. Lawrence doesn’t recall them ever missing a district meeting.

At 82 Marvin is still fully active on the farm. He points out that his Herefords are what enables him to do this. Marvin has never missed a Lundar Bull Sale, he thoroughly enjoys attending Hereford production sales in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He and Lawrence love visiting and looking at good Hereford cattle in general.

The Hereford industry is blessed with lots of good people, and the King’s are one of them.


mha good as gold sale

Dec 6, 2013 | Brandon, MB | Auctioneer: Chris Poley

Sale Results

  • 8.5 Bull Calves: Averaged $2,847.06
  • 12 Bred Heifers: Averaged $3,283.33
  • 18 Heifer Calves: Averaged $2,461.11

38.5 Lots Grossed $107,900 and Averaged $2,802.60

High Selling Bull Calf

Lot 12 | $4,800 | GRH 83 FLAG 6A sired by WLB ELI 10H 83T was purchased by Manns Herefords, Austin MB

High Sellling Bred Heifer

Lot 11 | $4,400 | FBF 15W ROSA 17Z sired by FBF 49T WOMANIZER 15W was purchased by Crittenden Bros. Polled Herefords, Imperial SK

High Selling Heifer Calf

Lot 13 | $4,900 | GRH 719T ELLIE MAE 10A sired by TH 122 711 VICTOR 719T was purchased by Medonte Highlands Polled Herefords, Orillia ON


Fall Moe Show (Manitoba Livestock Expo)

Oct 31 - Nov 4, 2013 | Brandon, MB

The results are in! Congratulations to all participants! View Results

Champion Bulls

GRAND Champion Bull

RESERVE Champion Bull

Grand Champion Bull
Reserve Champion Bull


Sponsored By: Leveldale Polled Herefords

Exhibited By: Twin View Polled Herefords


Sponsored By: Rawcliffe Grange Stock Farm

Exhibited By: Leveldale Polled Herefords


Champion Females

GRAND Champion Female

RESERVE Champion Female

Grand Champion Female
Reserve Champion Female


Sponsored By: Doug Troop Hereford Farms

Exhibited By: RSK Farms


Sponsored By: Lawview Herefords

Exhibited By: RSK Farms



MHA Stewardship of the Year 2012

Xports International Inc.

Xports International is a company operated by Rod and Kristi Guilford of Clearwater, Mb. That exports purebred cattle to Kazakhstan. Rod graduated with a Bachelor of Agriculture degree majoring in Animal Nutrition and Reproductive Physiology. Kristi has a commerce degree in Marketing and Finance. The Guilford’s have three children- Grayden (18), Alexa (8), and Jace (6). They are all active in the operation, providing help with processing the cattle.

This company believes in providing ongoing support for their clients. They have a full time employee, Steven Bonk, in Kazakhstan providing direction for all aspects of their operation including information on vaccinations, nutrition, and reproduction. Xports International has 6 full time and 6 part time employees. When quarantines are in operation, an additional 10 employees are required. The animals are marshaled and then quarantined at one of 3 locations run by Don Guilford, Stewart Farms, and Batho Farms. The cattle go through a process of health tests while in quarantine. Once all health requirements are met, the clients inspect the heifers, making their final decisions. They may cut 10% of the heifers back. The heifers are then transported to Winnipeg Airport where they are crated and flown to Kazakhstan. All the animals are registered and transferred to their new owners, creating revenue for both the Canadian Hereford Association (CHA) and provincial associations. Since 2009, they have exported 3700 head of cattle. Of these, 2500 were Hereford and approximately 1125 head were from Manitoba- Herefords consisting of bred heifers, heifer calves and bulls.

The economic spin offs have been huge for the breeders of cattle, quarantine staff, trucker firms, and provincial and national associations. It has also provided the much needed competition for other existing exporting companies, assuring the producers receive fair compensation.

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