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Manitoba Hereford Association

Att: Vivian Jones

(204) 728-6080

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Coming Events

4th Annual Elite Genetics Bull Sale

Sun Mar 4
Douglas, MB
(RSK Sale Barn)


1st Prime Plus Bull Sale

Wed Apr 11
Neepawa, MB







MHA Directors

Looking for info regarding Juniors? Please visit this page. For info regarding Members, please visit this page.

Manitoba Hereford Association Board of Directors

Back Row (Left to Right): Bobbi Rankin, Holly Hyndman, Doug Troop, Wendell Martens, Albert Rimke, Brent Blaine
Front Row (Left to Right): Jay Rimke, Steven Manns, Vivian Jones

Steven Manns
(204) 466-2960
Jay Rimke (204) 855-2534
Holly Hyndman
(204) 764-0331
Vivian Jones (204) 728-6080
CHA Director
Albert Rimke
(204) 855-2534
Brent Blaine

Wendell Martens

Bobbi Rankin

Doug Troop
(204) 724-2294

(204) 377-4379

(204) 537-2216

(204) 728-3345

Livestock Hall of Fame

Commercial Breeder Award CRITERIA

  1. Represents and promotes Hereford Cattle in general to the best of their ability (i.e. via sales, shows, volunteering with Association events etc.).
  2. Produces quality cattle that meet market demand.
  3. Contributes to the affairs of the Association. Please give consideration to both small and large operations both new and established.

Stewardship Award CRITERIA

  1. This award will be presented to an individual who has provided exceptional service and promotion of Manitoba Herefords.
  2. Service may include educational activities, leadership in livestock organizations, participation in livestock related activities by persons in industry, or other persons who have provided service to livestock producers.

Download the nomination form to view guidelines and make submission. All nominations to be submitted to Kailey Penner via email by December 1, 2013.

About The Canadian Hereford Association

The Canadian Hereford Association (CHA) was formed in 1890 with the primary objects of preserving the purity of Hereford cattle, promoting the interests of the importers and breeders of such animals, and collecting, verifying, preserving and publishing the pedigrees of said cattle and other useful Hereford information.

Today there is an estimated 120,000 purebred Hereford females in production in Canada, 300,000 to 350,000 straight bred Hereford females (10% of the beef cow population), and it is also estimated that well over 50% of the beef cow population in Canada carries Hereford breeding.

The Canadian Hereford Association has approximately 1500 annual, life and junior members across Canada. It registers 30,000 purebred Herefords annually, which is about 20% of the 150,000 registrations processed by the 29 breed associations in Canada.

CHA Membership Has Its Benefits

Annual membership can be purchased through the CHA website. Visit for more information. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Registration of Purebred Hereford Cattle and Interaction with Like Minded Young Cattlemen
  • Ability to Register Cattle Online
  • Total Herd Evaluation (THE)
  • Advanced Genetic Evaluations:
    • Total Herd Evaluation (THE)
    • Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs)
    • North American Cattle Evaluations (NACE)
    • Hereford Sire Summary
  • Canadian Hereford Dams of Distinction
  • Mark of Excellence Program (MOE) – The Most Advance Show Recognition Program in the Industry
  • Member Recognition:
    • Membership Service Pins
    • CHA Honour Roll
    • CHA Memorial Scroll
  • Beef Industry Research:
    • Maternal Productivity Research
    • Ultrasound and Carcass Data Collection
    • Progeny Testing
  • Industry Promotions - Innovative, Relevant, Commercial Cattlemen Oriented Advertising
  • Member Communications

Contact the CHA

1-888-8-FOR-CHA (toll free phone)
1-888-8-CHA-FAX (toll free fax)
 (email) (website)

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