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MHA Juniors

The Manitoba Hereford Association is very proud of the Juniors of the breed. They are a strong and talented bunch of kids who exhibit animals throughout the province and country, whether it be 4-H, Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, Fall Fair or Bonanza.

Manitoba Junior Hereford Association Delegates

Jay Rimke
Cooper Blaine
Samantha Rimke
Orianna Hyndman
Jennifer Fossay
CHA Executives
Samantha Rimke, Jay Rimke
Adult Advisor
Albert Rimke

Bonanza 2013

Bonanza 2013 - Manitoba Juniors

The Manitoba Junior Hereford Association would like to thank everyone involved in the organization of Bonanza 2013. We are very grateful for all the support we receive throughout the year as we pursue our showing of cattle. Thank you to all the sponsors for your support as it is greatly appreciated.

4H Recognition

The CHA has been receiving pictures of successful 4-H Hereford entries. Everyone is invited from across the country to provide a picture of their son or daughter and their animal, if they have placed 1st in their class or higher at a 4-H show.

Please  forward submissions to Brad or Erin.  Don’t  forget to provide your child’s name, animal name, 4-H club and the placing. We are looking forward to creating a section in the Digest that is dedicated to Herefords in 4-H.

Thank You in Advance for Your Participation,

Brad Dubeau, Director of  Communications
Canadian Hereford Association

Young Guns Program

The Young Guns Program was developed to encourage graduating junior members to continue their membership with the CHA but at  reduced costs. The member would get all the benefits of an adult member. Visit here for more information.

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